St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

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I was able to mark off spending Saint Patrick’s in Ireland off of my bucket list! I was very excited to experience Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland. We did not get to go to Dublin due to the weather. It rained the entire day and was really cold. But I spent the day with my host family! I have an amazing host family!!

man dressed as st patrick poses with a student

The day began with my host mother making waffle fries, baked beans, and sausages for breakfast. We then went into Newbridge for one of the many parades around the country. My host brother, sister, and dad were all in the parade and it was really interesting to see! After the parade, we stopped off for some hot drinks and some treats to warm up before heading back to the house to change into dry clothes.

After getting dry we headed to the hotel that my host parents got married in for a quick drink. We ended up going into a kid friendly pub to watch the horse races and listen to some very entertaining traditional Irish music after the hotel. Everyone was in high spirits! I noticed that a lot of people were dressed up for the occasion also. I am glad that I was in Ireland to experience Saint Patrick’s Day. One year I would like to come back and experience the atmosphere Saint Patrick’s Day in Dublin!

– Katie May, Indiana State University

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