About Learn International

Founded in 2013, Learn International is a team of people committed to the development of accessible, affordable, and equitable study abroad opportunities.

Founded in 2013, Learn International is a team of people committed to the development of accessible, affordable, and equitable study abroad opportunities. Located outside of Dublin, Ireland, our skilled and experienced staff are passionate about international education and fostering global citizenship through innovative programming. We’ve worked with universities and educational institutions to develop and deliver study abroad programs globally.

Whether we have met you or not, we see you as our extended family and it is because of you, Learn International exists and for that alone, we thank you. Thank you for trusting in us, to help you, your children, your faculty and/or university to create global awareness and cross-cultural learning.

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We look forward to working with you and shaping your study abroad experience.

Kind Regards,

Chris & Cara & The Learn International Team

Our Mission, Values and Standards at Learn International

Mission Statement

Our vision is to support and guide the leaders of tomorrow. Learn International provides expertise, programme management, and support to academic institutions and participants all over the world. We help create and build networks of fully integrated programmes that promote global citizenship and cross-cultural exchange. Through the use of innovative engagement, multidisciplinary collaboration and community involvement, we are able to foster excellence in international mobility.

Our Values

These five core values embody our commitment to a fulfilling and gratifying experience for participants.

LLoyalty, transparency, and social responsibility to our partners and staff

EEngagement, cross-cultural collaboration, and teamwork

AAccessibility, commitment, and support to our participants

RResponsibility, recognition, and cultural awareness

NNew ideas, forward-thinking, and innovation

Standards of Good Practices

As members of The Forum on Education Abroad, we strive to maintain and integrate the same Standards of Good Practice for our own practices. We incorporate these practices into our advising services, policy and procedures, and our dedication to academic rigor. We use these standards to uphold dynamic, safe, and innovative programming for all of our students and our partners. We are committed to international education and apply these standards to deliver sustainable, transparent, and academically viable programmes.

Learn International also adheres to The Forum On Education Abroad’s Code of Ethics for Study Abroad in our services. This code drives our programme development, management, and daily practices so that we may best serve our participants and staff with the utmost care and integrity.


To support and guide the leaders of tomorrow by developing their academic and social capital through cross-cultural engagement, community involvement, and leadership.

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