Optional Activities & Tours

For many of our programmes we offer opportunities for you to explore more. Check it out.

Internships, semesters and Summer Abroad

Scholarships from €500 are available

Optional Excursions and Activities

For students doing an internship, research, semester, summer or service learning placement, we include excursion(s) during your programme. From time to time, we also offer optional excursions for an extra fee.  

Optional excursions vary based on the programme type. Please make sure to ask your Learn International Coordinator if there are any planned optional trips on your programme to sign up

Signing Up and Payments for Optional Excursions

All students will be offered the option to join an optional excursion. Once a student commits to this excursion in their application, there is no refund. We book these excursions based on the number of students participaing. 

You will be required to pay for the excursion once you arrive to your host-country.

interns works on his laptop while sitting at the table


Engineering Intern
North Dakota State University, USA

“The weekend journeys helped me see more of the world and give me a better understanding of my place in it.”