On-Site Orientation

Most Learn International programmes will have an on-site orientation to assist participants in learning about their host country.

Onsite Orientation

For most programmes, there will be an orientation provided either in-person or remotely. 

During orientation, we discuss important elements of the itinerary for students, along with a variety of relevant topics for their host country.

Topics typically included in our orientations are:

  • Local customs, culture and resources
  • Recognising culture shock and how to manage it
  • Conduct and ambassadorship while abroad
  • Health and safety, emergency protocols and international health insurance
  • Programme specifics and itinerary review (housing, meals, excursions, etc.)
  • Day-to-day needs (food, money and banking, public transportation)
  • Communication with staff, electronic sources and mobile phones

Orientation is a great way for participants to meet their Learn International in-country support team, learn real-life details about their host country and, most importantly, how to be safe on their study abroad programme.