For Students

For Students

Ready to go abroad? Check out the tips below.

Most likely you are very excited about the prospect of going overseas to discover new frontiers and experience new cultures while being able to continue along your academic route. Studying abroad is an experience that will broaden horizons across all areas of your life, from your educational and career path to discovering new people, places and things. We at Learn International will be with you each step of the way.

Whether you are going abroad for a service-learning placement, an Internship, faculty-led programme or even a summer school, Learn International will guide you through areas such as your application paperwork, credit transfer, transport and accommodation. Further, we take care of your health and safety welfare and when you land we are there to meet you at the airport with a warm Learn International welcome!

Studying abroad opens your mind to the world beyond your current surroundings. By experiencing other cultures and ways of life and work, encouraging global citizenship and critical thinking, you will learn and grow on personal, academic and professional levels. You will also reap other benefits from this life-changing experience from direct classroom knowledge to experiential, to resume and interviewing skills, as well as interpersonal and cross-cultural relations.

Discovering a foreign country will also be a big part of your time during your overseas experience and we will make sure that you encounter the best that your host country has to offer in terms of culture, heritage, scenic landscapes, music and dance – in effect, the world is your oyster! Many participants take this opportunity to plan an all-round trip of a lifetime by broadening their experience beyond their host country and visiting further countries during their free time. Our Learn International team will be on hand to give you all the advice you need, should you wish to do the same.

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