Some Differences Between Ireland and the United States

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A few differences that I have discovered while in Ireland

Mother’s Day is different

So, maybe I should have caught on when the cards starting come out in February, but I did not know that Mother’s Day was in March until about a week before Mother’s Day. It was really interesting celebrating Mother’s Day with a family that was not my own and that I have only known for a short amount of time. I have been very lucky to have such a great host mom that I am so close to. We went to her favorite restaurant!

The paper is a different size

This might seem like something silly to note, but it really messed me up the first week when I was trying to print and I kept forgetting to change the size. The standard paper size in Ireland is A4. I also learned this week that 8.5inx11in is 215mx279m when I was trying to get 

I knew both of these things from the first time I was here (and from TV of course 🙂 haha), but it took me a really long time to remember which side of the car the passenger side was! I kept wanting to get in the driver’s seat!

Shops open later and close earlier

Especially on Sundays. It seems like most shops during the week open around nine and close around six. A lot of stores are closed on Sundays or open later.


McDonald’s is different! I forgot my keys one day when I was out exploring and decided to wait until I was meeting up with my group, so I went to McDonald’s to wait (the only thing that I could find open at that time on a Sunday 🙂 haha). The food options were a lot different (no breakfast burrito, so sad!). However, they did have free WIFI! 🙂 Day made!!

– Katie May, Indiana State University

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