Reasons to intern at Learn International

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When looking for opportunities to complete the required practical portion of my Master’s degree, Learn International stuck out in a big way. I was attracted to the visible efforts to attract a diverse group of students to study abroad programs, and the commitment to creating affordable and customized options for students and faculty. The chance to join the team meant I would gain experience in everything from faculty-led programs to internships to marketing.

Another draw was the opportunity to live abroad. Despite majoring in International Education, I had limited experience overseas, and had never lived abroad. Moving to Ireland to work for Learn International was a chance to really experience what it was like to live in a country different from my own. It forced me to deal with differences in culture and communication. This has been incredibly valuable, as I now have firsthand experience as to what students will experience when they arrive in a new country for the first time.

The practical skills I developed at Learn International are also things that no school could teach you. Things like how to react on the ground when a unforeseen circumstance develops, or how to react in an emergency, or how to actually attend to every student’s individual needs. As much as a classroom can prepare you for what to do when these situations arise, you really have to experience these situations firsthand to learn from them.

Beyond the practical skills I developed, I was able to learn how to really explore my own place in the field of international education. Working for Learn International has given me chance to figure that out. Because my tasks spanned such a wide range of programming, I could really get a taste of what really pulled me to this field. Working with students was, first and foremost, the most gratifying part of my job. Really helping students prepare for their time abroad and seeing them embrace their international experience (sometimes with a gentle push) was incredibly rewarding. That’s something that you actually have to get out into the field to really experience, and something Learn International has provided in spades.


Nick McIntyre, USA

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