Supporting the arts is considered so important in Irish society that in 1969 the government exempted artists from paying tax on income from creative works.

While this was capped in the last few years (mostly an unsuccessful effort to get U2 to pay tax), it’s left a legacy of Irish painters, poets, sculptors and musicians emerging to share their work, and creatives coming to live in Ireland from all over the world.

The photography scene is coming into its own in Ireland, with a national Gallery of Photography, several dedicated photography festivals, and artists such as Richard Mosse winning prestigious awards and critical acclaim. As Angel Luis Gonzalez Fernandez, director of the annual Photo Ireland festival, told TIME magazine recently,

“there is definitely a massive, well-informed arts scene here in terms of artists and curators… and now there is a more dynamic [photography] scene”.

artist in Kilkenny with his paints talks to two interns

Some interns will be placed right alongside a photographer, designer or artist, just like Sydnie and Kathryn.

At A Glance
Art & Photography in Ireland
Start Date
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
8, 10 or 12 Weeks
Apply By
12 weeks prior to start date

8-weeks: €7250

10-weeks: €8595

12-weeks: €9950

What's included?

Airfare, materials for placement, visas and associated costs, mandatory health insurance, meals and spending money aren’t included.

Application fee

€95 Non refundable

Participant Fee

€500 Non refundable

up to €1000
sydnie standing by the sea while on assignment for her photography internship in Ireland


Photography Internship
New Mexico State University
My visit to Ireland completely exceeded my expectations. I have to be honest, initially I imagined I needed to be an outdoor person to enjoy the country! I was definitely wrong. Ireland is a place where I want to be outdoors as much as possible. The imagery is so captivating and its visuals vary across the land. The landscapes are very alluring and simple to hike around.