Why choose a homestay?

‘Life-changing’. ‘Character-building’. ‘Highly memorable’. These are just some of the words used to describe our homestay experiences.

Our Homestay Experience

Let’s face it, the thought of staying in someone else’s home can be rather daunting – not least in a foreign country. That’s why all our homestay families are carefully picked for their suitability and for the unforgettable experience they provide. 

With a warm family welcome and plenty of home-cooked meals, you’ll quickly feel at ease in your new surroundings. In fact, many of our students believe their homestay experience was THE highlight of their stay. 

One of the many benefits of living with a family is that you’ll become fully immersed in their day-to-day life, gaining unique insights into the local community, its customs, routines, festivals and cuisine. You may even get the chance to learn a new language. 

And, locals always know the very best places to visit! Whether it’s the warmest beach for swimming, the latest tapas restaurant, or a vibey music venue, you’ll get the inside scoop on many hidden gems that the tour guides just don’t mention. 

We offer homestay accommodation in Ireland and Spain where our host families provide that home-away-from-home experience. We guarantee that the adventure of a lifetime awaits!

5 reasons why homestays ROCK!

  1. Dive beneath the skin of another country by living, breathing, eating, drinking and sleeping as an honorary member of a homestay family.
  2. Enrich your study abroad experience with the support, guidance and knowledge of your host family. Homestay accommodation is particularly ideal if you’re travelling alone.
  3. Learn the lingo! Living with a local family, your grasp of their language will skyrocket. This is an awesome addition to any résumé. 
  4. Become more culturally aware by sharing your experiences, listening to those of others, and making an international network of lifelong friends and contacts.
  5. Change for the better by building self-reliance, independence and confidence in your own abilities. Studying abroad is always transformative and aids personal development.

What's Included:

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How To Get In Touch

If you want to talk to me about becoming a host family, please email me today to set up a call.

Cara Simon, COO