My Internship experience during the Covid pandemic

A small journal of my first week in Dublin: how to work remotely while self-quarantined in a room.
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Current location: Dublin

My arrival in Ireland-5 day journal

Sunday, June 27: 

I heard the sound of the alarm clock at 4 am. The luggage was ready and my heart was running like a marathon runner who wanted to win the most important race of his life.

For two years, because of the pandemic, I could not travel and, as many people say, for a Sagittarius this coincides with a sense of sadness and hardship. Actually, I feel a little bit skeptical about zodiac signs, but I can confirm that traveling for me is like breathing. For this reason, despite the restrictions, I decided to undertake my internship outside of Italy.

So, now you are wondering…. but where did she go? I left Italy for one of the greenest and most magical lands in Europe: Ireland. 

Also, my flight was the first of the day. The empty airport gave me a sense of calm and tranquility: after so long I felt alive, I felt that all the wait was worth the journey. 

On the plane I sat by the window: my favorite place. Every time I am sitting there, I put on my headphones and listen to Pink Floyd while I reflect on life and ask myself those philosophical questions to which no one can answer you, but you don’t want to have the answer either: will I be able to accomplish all my goals? What job do I want to do when I grow up? Will I be able not to cry  when I watch Bridget Jones movie?

Room life

So, once arrived at the hotel, after unpacking, I watched one of my favorite Wes Anderson movies while munching on some delicious cookies that my kind supervisor brought me to the hotel. 

I will spend 5 days locked in a room and surely having some tasty snacks helps. I feel excited to start a new internship in an area that I want to deepen: marketing. Working in such a solid and complete team is very formative; I immediately received all the information necessary to complete my tasks but above all I appreciated the freedom of expression that here at Learn International is a key value. Not only does it offer you the opportunity to conduct an international experience, but interns can express their creativity and skills as they see fit.

People and feelings

I also met my Italian colleague Manuel, who is also participating as an intern at Learn International. Although we work remotely, every day we talk to each other and keep in touch to collaborate and feel comfortable with the environment and with the projects.

It is an immense pleasure to work in an environment where listening is the priority: I think this leads to high productivity but, above all, creates strong bonds between colleagues. I feel very happy to have opened this door in my life: the room I found beyond is very bright and spacious, so all I have to do is walk in and enjoy it 😊

Mural with a positive message on a cafe in Dublin

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