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I had a tremendous weekend. Along with having some time off work, I managed to get my school work done early, so I had time to go exploring some more. I went into Dublin city center to have a look at some famous sites I have not seen yet. I wandered to the Garden of Remembrance and looked around. It was beautiful and peaceful, especially on a Sunday morning. Then, I went to the Ha’penny Bridge. It was amazing to look over the water and see all the stores that lines the streets on both sides of it. I took a detour to get lunch before heading to Henry Street where I did some window shopping. It was a great and so was the pizza I had for lunch!

Our last minute decorating paid off. With the pumpkins lit up and the monster going off, it really felt like Halloween! It made for a great picture to send home.
These are the pumpkins the kids and I carved for Halloween. Mine is the one with the bat carved into it!

Thursday (Halloween) was so much fun. I had time to help my host mom do some last minute decorating. I carved a pumpkin, which I was afraid I would not be able to do this year. I also got to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters whist wearing my glow in the dark skull shirt! It was fun interacting with the kids. Throughout the day, we watched different Halloween movies, including one of my favorites. My favorite part of the day was at the end of the night. I convinced my host mom to watch a scary movie that was on. I love being scared and watching those movies, so it was a fun time! It was a perfect and relaxing weekend.

In the garden, this statue was located. I love how the Irish flag is positioned perfectly behind it. It made for a great picture.
This was a beautiful area filled with many fall-turning trees and an amazing pool. I love when there is a dedication to those who lose their lives for a cause.
O'Connell Street where I stopped to do some window shopping. There are many great stores. It was decorated for Christmas as well, so it was beautiful.

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