Learn International is fortunate to serve so many amazing people! Please find some of what our past participants have to say about us and their program.

Learn International was the perfect way for me to gain hands on experience while experiencing life abroad. It was great to be able to travel to new places while getting to gain skills in my desired profession.

Kate, Northern Arizona University, USA – Sustainability Intern

Learn International provided me with a great internship and cultural experience in a place I had never been before.  Ireland is a fantastic place and Learn International has worked tirelessly to make me as comfortable and happy as possible in a place very new to me.  Whether it was finding me the perfect placement or even helping me do the simpler things such as catching a bus, they were there with me every step of the way.  My time in Ireland has been incredible and without Learn International I am not sure it would have been possible.

Colin, Colby-Sawyer College, USA – Physiotherapy Intern

My experience with Learn International has greatly exceeded my expectations. As a long-time faculty leader of short-term study abroad programs, I’ve worked with several academic partners.  I’m very thankful that our study abroad office introduced me to Chris and his team at Learn International. From our very first encounter to our final planning meeting, they really listened to fully understand our academic goals. On the ground, they proved to have the know-how and community relationships to connect hands on experiences with our targeted learning outcomes. I was extremely impressed with the support we received as faculty in keeping students safe and engaged in learning while promoting best practices in global citizenship. I am looking forward to returning next year to build on our successes and cultivate long-term relationships with our community partners in Donegal. I highly recommend Learn International to all faculty and study abroad departments building faculty led programs in Ireland or elsewhere.

Janice Hawkins, PhD, RN, Old Dominion University, USA – Customized Program 2017

I loved DCU and throughout my trip I videoed and put everything on social media, making everyone wish they were me, I would not trade it for anything.”

Joe, Northern Arizona University, USA – DCUISS Program

“Coming to the program, you can definitely learn something new in your career field. With the great opportunity to meet a group of new friendly people, you really can learn about Irish culture through the program.

Sophie, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA – Computer Science Intern

I am delighted to recommend Learn International educational consultants based upon my experience designing and implementing a short-term faculty-led study abroad program for the University of New Mexico with their assistance in May 2016. The program was my first experience in developing or teaching a study-abroad course, as it was for my faculty co-leader, and the team at Learn were invaluable in our success. They guided us in developing an exciting and well-paced itinerary carefully coordinated to our educational goals, worked fully within our budget, and provided first-rate program assistance in-country. Their attentive care, commitment to students and faculty, enthusiasm, and expertise far exceeded our expectations, and I recommend them unreservedly to both novice and veteran faculty leaders.”

Dr. Caleb Richardson, Faculty, , University of New Mexico, USA – Customized Program 2016


Thank you guys are absolutely amazing and thanks a super well for looking after me 🙂 and I hope to see all of you again.”

Matthias, University of New Mexico, USA – DCUISS 2017 Program

Working with Learn International has been one of the most rewarding professional relationships in my ten years in International Education at New Mexico State University. We consider Learn International our partner in education abroad; they are responsive to our needs, timely in their correspondence, courteous in their communications with students, faculty and staff and creative in how they address the challenges that large State Universities face in regards to expanding awareness and participation in study, research, internships and service abroad. We appreciate Learn International’s willingness to go the extra mile for our students and faculty and look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with Learn.”

Dr. Kristian Chervenock, New Mexico State University, USA

Learn International has been an invaluable partner for us. Their knowledge of the international education sector and the requirements of partner institutions has enabled us to develop focused, customised programmes that provide our students with the study abroad experience that they need and dream about…”

Dr. Denis Shine, Irish Heritage School, Ireland

This was an awesome experience. Take pride in what you are doing and you will get the most out of your experience!”

Nicholas, Indiana State University, USA – Service Learning Program 2016

Imagining Ireland was an eye-opening, culturally-enriching experience. I highly recommend studying abroad through Learn International; I have learned so much in an extremely short amount of time, while having fun along the way.”

Customized Programs in Ireland Alumni, University of New Mexico, USA

Studying abroad was such an amazing experience. These types of programs should be mandatory for students- you can’t teach the lessons you learn on these trips.”

Dana, North Dakota State University, USA – Customized Program 2017

This truly was a once in a lifetime experience and I will cherish the memories and new friends forever. It’s not everyday you get to walk to work through a town of so much history everywhere that you turn your head.”​

Tyler, Indiana State University, USA – Service Learning Program 2016

Learn International provided a wonderful program that exceeded my expectations. By choosing this program you will make lifetime friends while having the time of your life.”​

Kelsey, Northern Arizona University, USA – DCUISS 2017 Program

​The Field School is a fantastic environment to learn hands-on about archaeology. Not only will you come away with a whole new skill set but you will make lasting friendships and connections to absolutely wonderful people.

Rebecca, Binghamton University, USA – Archaeology Intern, 2017

Telecom Sud Paris was very happy with the quality and diversity of the program proposed.  Our students were delighted and their only complaint was that the programme wasn’t long enough. The organisation was top-level and we, as a higher education institution, were also impressed by the reactivity and attention to detail which we encountered with Learn International in Ireland. We will most certainly call on them again for future programs.”

Rosion Donohoe, Director of International Relations, Telecom Sud Paris, France

Everyone I’ve encountered has been so welcoming and enthusiastic about the archaeological work we are doing, making it exactly the kind of place you’d want to be working. This team believes so passionately in the power of the site as a sign of local heritage, and it’s truly exciting to contribute to a project by being a part of the their winter session. I’ve also had numerous opportunities both planned and spontaneous to visit heritage sites throughout the area, since we really are surrounded by history here.  I hope to have a few more adventures before I leave!”

Lauren, William and Mary, USA – Archaeology Intern

I learned so much with the Physios, it was interesting how different countries work in the same field. I loved Ireland and hope to come back one day to the beautiful scenery and the friendly people.”

Ashley, New Mexico State University, USA – Physiotherapy Intern

Go out there and do it, follow your dreams because it’s the only way you will know if your’e following the right path. My study abroad experience was the best decision I have ever made throughout my college career.

Leah, Middle Tennessee State University, USA – Archaeology Intern

So much of the program was meaningful to me. Working in Ireland and being able to live with such an amazing family that takes you in as if you are one of their own. The most meaningful aspect is being able to meet people from around the world that share the same passion I have. I was able to relate to these strangers and form friendships.”

Caitlin, Wittenberg University, Canada – Archaeology Intern

I got to meet, teach, and work with some fantastic people from all around the world.I feel like this program has allowed me to grow, not just as an archaeologist, but as a person.”

Glenn, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland – Archaeology Intern 2016

My mentor gave me so much advice on my future and not only shaped my thoughts regarding my future career, but my thoughts regarding the important things in life. I grew as a person tremendously and am so grateful for the guidance and support I was given!

Sarah, New Mexico State University, USA – Pre-Medicine Intern 2016

After this trip I feel international travel is necessary for global understanding. There are things you learn about culture that cannot be found in a book they must be experienced.

Jennifer, Old Dominion University, USA – Customized Program 2017

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