Work experience is essential in this sector. At entry- and graduate-level you need to focus on getting real-world experience on your resumé and internships are the way to do it. Your edge will be that yours was with an international company.

Producers and potential employers want first-hand proof that that you’re a flexible, tech-savvy, fast-learning, team player who can handle the pressures of a production environment, be it in person or remotely. An international internship on your resumé also shows you’re serious about pursuing this career.

Every internship will be unique. If you find yourself in pre-production you might be assisting an art director on storyboards or proofreading scripts. In post-production, you may liaise with companies to organise deliverables, or facilitate key post-production tasks, like ensuring all due credits are given.

You may be expected to provide administrative support as well. Be sure to use this opportunity to listen and learn how things are done. Almost all the professionals you work for will have gone through an internship when they started out – they will know that you’re there to learn.

Current placements include:

  • Video and graphic design major needed for an online sports media promotion company. Longer-term preferred (12+ weeks), though willing to consider 8+.
  • Post-Production launch of a YouTube video channel for comedy and educational videos.
  • Digital Production skills needed at an online learning company.
Eleonora Giudici, Graduate Marketing Intern
At A Glance
Media & Film Virtual Internships​
Start Date
Determined by Student
6+ weeks
Apply By
4 weeks prior to start date


What's included?

Not included: Laptop/computer, webcam, reliable, high-speed internet, headphones with microphone

Application fee

€95 Non refundable

up to €400