This is a chance to see and work with a new set of cultural, political, and socioeconomic factors that affect reaching audiences. You will test your communication, technological, written and verbal skills while developing your marketing instincts and learning from industry professionals on the other side of the screen.

In a world where marketing departments are needed most, yet are typically the first to go in an economic downturn, your fresh and innovative skills are in very high demand, and the projects you work on can be added to your portfolio to show future employers.

Tasks will undoubtedly include working on social media, and likely will also include research, focus groups, content writing, editing, graphic design, and presentation. Past interns reported that as their comfort level in the role increased, so did their responsibilities.

Opportunities are available in both Europe and Asia.

Current placements include:

  • Fundraising and Marketing intern needed for an Irish history and heritage museum.
  • Marketing, PR and Communications intern needed for an Irish career services company.
  • Digital Communications intern needed for a creative branding and digital design studio for content creation, press releases, social media and SEO.
  • Marketing skills needed for an online sports media promotion company. Longer-term preferred (12+ weeks), though willing to consider 8+.
  • Media skills needed to launch and promote a new YouTube channel.
  • Marketing, PR and Social Media skills needed to help an Irish politician’s campaign.
  • Market research placement with a startup developing an app.
    • If there’s a market for the app, there is additional potential to help create a marketing strategy.
    • Bonus opportunities if you speak German!
  • Marketing and Social Media placement for a leading strategy and operations firm.
  • Content Writing and Marketing skills needed at a financial services firm.
  • Content Management and Online Marketing needed for a company promoting health in the workplace. 
  • Digital Marketing needed for an online learning company.
  • Marketing, PR and Social Media skills needed for a faith-based educational non-profit.
At A Glance
Marketing, Advertising & PR Virtual Internships
Start Date
Determined by Student
6+ weeks
Apply By
4 weeks prior to start date


What's included?

Not included: Laptop/computer, webcam, reliable, high-speed internet, headphones with microphone

Application fee

€95 Non refundable

up to €400