Ireland has started building again, and not just buildings. Key sectors include industrial products and services, aerospace, automotive and clean tech. Not only is there a demand for engineering services within Ireland, but Irish engineering firms export 4.2 billion in exports annually.

There is a drive in Ireland to encourage young people in primary and secondary education to choose STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as there is a serious need for quality STEM graduates, in particular engineers. 

Many of the key global players in engineering have long established bases in Ireland, but there is a healthy cohort of smaller indigenous firms all over the country. You will be working with and learning from very high-calibre employers who need and value your input.  Not all sectors can offer remote work, but the ones who do have specific projects in mind for you and will need you to be on your best game to complete their projects to a very high standard.

Opportunities are currently only available in Ireland.

Current engineering placements include. Apply today, as they’ll fill quickly!

  • Computer, Software or Electrical Engineering students to continue on a project. Skills needed include:
    • Dashboard Development for Energy Saving Applications
    • Connect devices over 3G Communications
    • Power BI for Energy Saving Applications
  • Engineering opportunities for students in the areas of environmental monitoring and solution development, particularly in the areas of health, sanitation, and climate change.
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering opportunities for students in the following areas:
    • Weather data analysis to drive energy savings in buildings;
    • Data mining and analytics of building energy usage;
    • Water usage in buildings and energy implications.
  • Computer or Software Engineering student to utilise Power BI for energy saving applications.
  • Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering students for an environmental research project.
  • Computer Engineering student to build an Excel-based CRM for a financial services firm.
At A Glance
Engineering Virtual Internships
Start Date
Determined by Student
4+ weeks
Apply By
4 weeks prior to start date


What's included?

Not included: Laptop/computer, webcam, reliable, high-speed internet, headphones with microphone

Application fee

€95 Non refundable

up to €400