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Business, Law, Health Sciences and Irish Studies

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Irish Studies

Module title and code: Taking Action: Campaigning for Social Justice, CU4023

Credits: 6 ECTS/3 US

Students explore a range of global issues of interest and concern in areas including climate change, migration, social inclusion, and well-being and mental health, and to develop knowledge and strategies in relating to social media campaigning. This is with a view to raising critical awareness of these issues and providing practical training in relation to the skills and tools needed to build a related social media campaign.

Module title and code: Irish Traditions, Folklore and Culture, TE4003

Credits: 6 ECTS/3 US

This module interweaves Irish traditions, folklore and culture to give students an opportunity to raise their awareness and knowledge of the three themes. It will also enable students to have a broader understanding of life in Ireland and their learning/living environment. Students will be able to participate in visits to various iconic destinations and immerse themselves in an Irish cultural experience

Module title and code: Irish Life and Literature, HU5000

Credits: 6 ECTS/3 US

This provides a comprehensive introduction to Irish history and culture by means of three, interlinked strands of learning, including the history of modern Ireland, Irish writing in English and Irish folklore and folklife. The three stands cover such diverse but linked topics as the emergence of the modern Ireland, the impact of the Great Irish Famine, the origin of the Irish Folklore Commission, Storytelling and folk belief and the development of Irish literature.

Module title and code: Modern Irish Theatre, HU5043

Credits: 6 ECTS/3 US

A survey of Irish theatre from the beginning of the Irish Literary Theatre in 1899 to 1999. Playwrights examined will include Yeats, Lady Gregory, Synge, O’Casey, Beckett, Carr andMcDonagh. This module will provide an introduction to Irish drama in the 20th Century as well as explore the relationship of Irish nationalism and Irish theatre. We will also spend four days in Dublin, residing at Dublin City University and touring key historical sites as well as attending plays at the Gate or the Abbey Theatre.

Business Studies

Module title and code: International Financial Markets and Trading, FI4000

Credits: 6 ECTS/3 US

This module introduces students to international financial markets with an emphasis on the investment decision process, as framed by behavioural finance. The concepts of psychological and cognitive biases are contextualised through the experience of active investment trading using the bespoke KBS Trading Floor, a simulated trading environment sponsored by Bloomberg. Students will use the software on the Trading Floor to develop an appreciation of the key financial and economic data. They will also have the opportunity to gain the Bloomberg Market Concepts Certification, a qualification that is internationally recognised. Within the broad discussion of the psychology of investment decisions, students will be introduced to the notion of ethical investment choices and will reflect on the importance of individual and corporate social responsibility.


Module title and code: Terrorism, Crime and Justice, LA4000

Credits: 6 ECTS/3 US

This module is designed to introduce visiting students to the criminal justice system and theories relating to crime and terrorism. Students will learn how the criminal law operates at both practical and theoretical levels, as well as developing an insight into trends and theories on terrorism, one of the most challenging international crimes in contemporary times. This module is offered solely to visiting students from universities outside of the jurisdiction.

Education and Health Science

Module title and code: Developing Self as a Healthcare Practitioner, NM4001

Credits: 6 ECTS/3 US

This summer school interweaves a Celtic spiritual dimension to healthcare exploring the psychosocial, cultural and spiritual elements in developing personal and professional practice. Developing emotional intelligence offers a foundation towards transforming self and caring practice. Engaging in visits to practice areas aims to inform understanding of the potential application of this approach in developing self in practice.

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Development of a Biocatalytic Flow Reactor

Flow reactors are now frequently used to replace batch reactors as the can enable the use of more simplified manufacturing processes that can be scaled by the incorporation of additional flow channels. The challenge with enzymatic based systems is to ensure that the catalysts are immobilised in a mechanically stable manner with retention of activity. We have developed flow systems for single enzyme reactors and are now expanding this to multi-enzyme systems. As part of this work, the flow patterns, channel dimensions and methods of immobilising enzymes need to be optimised. This work is part of an ongoing project with the research centre SSPC (

Suitable for Chemistry or Biochemistry or Bio/Chemical Engineering.

Biomass Valorisation Into Value Added Compounds

Our research is economy-oriented as we seek to develop a cost-saving catalytic system based on using non-expensive metal-doped supports. We look forward to conducting a small part of literature review that revolves around collecting thermodynamics data, kinetics and Gibbs free energy, for the reactions that take place during the reduction of LA in the presence of FA to yield GVL platform compound, both catalytic and side reactions inclusive. The outcome we sought is to publish a critical review journal paper in biomass-energy oriented journal.

Good data and information collections skills and writing skills required.

Evaluating the Temperature Dependence of the Bauschinger Effect in Aerospace Aluminium Alloys

Aerospace aluminium alloys are routinely stress relieved by the application of plastic deformation. This takes place after the solution treatment and quenching stage of the heat treatment. Both stretching and compression can be used. This project will investigate the temperature dependence of the phenomena known as the Bauschinger effect which has a detrimental influence on the strength properties of materials that are subject to plastic deformation and then subsequently loaded in the reverse direction. The project will involve solution heat treating samples and then immediately subjecting them to approximately 2% plastic strain in compression, and then reversing the load into stretching, measuring the yield stresses in both compression and tension. The tests will be completed at room temperature and down to -197°C.

Strength of materials, engineering mechanics, engineering materials required.

Comparing Stress-relieving Methods for Heat Treatable Aerospace Aluminium Alloys

Aerospace aluminium alloys are amenable to stress relieving by the application of plastic deformation where the geometry permits it, for example rectilinear blocks, shapes with constant cross sectional area. For complex shapes post solution treatment and quenching deformation, is not always practicable. Alternative methods like quenching into a polyalkylene glycol solution (PAG) can be used. This project will investigate the impact of both cold compression and PAG quenching on the surface residual stresses remaining in fully heat treated rectilinear blocks made form the very high strength aerospace aluminium alloy 7449. It will also determine the impact on the mechanical properties of the alloys.

Strength of materials, engineering mechanics, engineering materials required.

Blockchain and its use in Smart Manufacturing

The digital twin is being used to provide the link between the physical manufacturing world and the digital one, and blockchain is necessary to guarantee security and traceability of data used for this. Blockchain has evolved into the essential tool necessary for providing full transparency for the transfer of data into the digital twin.

This project is to investigate how blockchain can be used for traceability and what tools are necessary for its deployment in the digital twin.

Role of Meninges in Concussion: Mechanical and Structural Characterisation of Porcine Meninges Membrane

Concussion awareness is increasing almost daily in most mainstream sports. Concussion is one of the mildest forms of brain damage. However, it is this mildness of injury which makes it one of the most insidious, as repeated and undetected concussions can lead to permanently altered brain function. There is currently no scientific test for concussion – only a subjective assessment. The meninges is a series of membranes that envelops the brain to protect it during impact. The purpose of this project is to mechanically characterise this membrane using, uniaxial, biaxial and fracture toughness techniques, along with electron microscopy. The project will also apply an injury mimicking concussion on the brain and comparing the effect of concussion on mechanical and structural properties of the tissue.

The students should have a lot of knowledge and experience in mechanical characterisation experiments, and hyper/linear elastic stress analysis. The students should have a basic background in biology.

Computational modelling of mechanical behaviour of lightweight carbon fibre materials

Engineering design is increasingly based on computational tools such as the finite- element method. The use of microstructurally based numerical models has gained increasing acceptance in engineering design and have been shown to provide accurate predictions of mechanical behaviour. Such models can also be used to optimise the material microstructure to improve performance. This project will focus on carbon fibre reinforced composites, lightweight materials, previously used mainly in aerospace but now increasingly used in automotive and energy applications (e.g. wind turbine blades). These materials are important because of their light weight in conjunction with excellent mechanical properties.

Mechanical Engineering (or related discipline) and an interest in mechanics of materials is required.

An Experimental Investigation of Secondary Bending in Double Layer Bending Active Gridshell Assemblies

Shells are curved 3-dimensional, structurally efficient forms. Gridshells are similar but made from long laths arranged in a curved grid. A bending active gridshell [BAG] is made by bending a flat grid into a double curved gridshell. BAG members must both flexible and strong. For larger spans, multiple layers, each relatively flexible, may be independently formed and then locked together using shear blocks to yield a composite BAG of great stiffness and strength. Research at the University of Limerick being conducted in conjunction with our industrial partner, Smartply- Medite, suggests that secondary bending occurs for some grid geometries. The research is both experimental and computational and examines the factors affecting the deformation of BAG’s.

Elementary mechanics of materials, standard engineering theory of bending, MS Excel is required. For a student with Finite Element modelling (FEM) skills, there are a variety of modelling problems to be examined. This work is relevant to the design of a large range of structural forms and materials.

Cyber Security for Electric Vehicles

With the worldwide growth of Electric vehicles, the topic of car hacking and connected vehicle security is poised to become one of the most talked-about (and worried-about) issues in the industry. The electric vehicle, by its very nature, has large computing capabilities and this capability makes it susceptible, and a target for hackers. In recent years the movie industry has dramatized car hacking in movies such as the Fast and the Furious movie, The Fate of the Furious. While the movie is fictional it will prompt a lot of what-if comments and this will attract the hacker to have a go.

The student should have a basic background in data communications and security.

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