The UK has one of the biggest readerships in Europe, as two-thirds of the population (42 million people) read a newspaper in print or digitally each week. Over 3,200 consumer magazine titles are published here.

The UK book market is the fifth largest in the world.  There are roughly 8,000 publishing companies in the UK but many are small with fewer than 25 employees.

UK publishers have been pioneers in many ways. The first legislation to protect author’s copyright was enacted in the UK in 1709. The standard for ISBNs, the code on every book in your library, originated in the UK in the 1960s. British publishers have led the way in environmental issues, championing the use of sustainable paper and reducing harmful chemicals in production.

London is synonymous with many industries and journalism is one of them. It is where many iconic newspapers are headquartered including The Times and Sunday Times, The Guardian, and The Daily Telegraph. Fleet Street has been a centre of the printing industry since 1500, and the Associated Press and British Association of Journalists are still based there. London has more book publishers than anywhere else in the UK.

Oxford is home to lots of publishing houses including Wiley-Blackwell, Elsevier and many smaller publishers. The most famous is the Oxford University Press; the largest university press in the world and one of the oldest having being founded in 1586.

Notable publishing houses: Oxford University Press, Faber and Faber, Bloomsbury

At A Glance
Journalism & Publishing Internships in Oxford and London, United Kingdom
Start Date
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
8, 10 or 12 Weeks
Apply By
12 weeks prior to start date

8-week programme fee: £10,050

10-week programme fee: £11,400

12-week programme fee: £12,750

What's included?

Airfare, materials for placement, visas and associated costs, mandatory health insurance, meals and spending money aren’t included.

*Student residences are an extra fee and subject to availability. If residences aren’t available, homestays are the alternative option.

Application fee

£95 Non refundable

Commitment fee

£500 Non refundable

up to £1000