A freshman semester is a highly memorable, character-building experience.

For educators, it is satisfying to watch a student who didn’t even own a passport, return home months later with a keen cultural awareness and newfound sense of global citizenship.

Our Freshman Study Abroad program is tailor-made to the needs of the home institution. In the visiting university, freshman students typically take five to six modules or classes per semester, earning potentially up to 30 ECTS credits/or 12-15 US credits. 

Academic Departments and Study Abroad Offices determine whether students can enrol in any courses across the host-university, or have a ‘stream’ or choose from, such as Humanities, Engineering, Science or Health. 

Living and studying overseas early in a student’s life can reshape their educational path. It often proves to be a powerful motivator for students to focus and apply themselves for the remainder of their degree.  

Students will have academic requirements similar to their home-institution such as examinations at the end of the semester (December and May), and/or project work and assignments.

For this program, we work with some of the best universities and institutes of higher learning in Europe, that we have vetted and chosen with care. See our case study on Dublin City University below.

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Freshman Semester Abroad - Europe
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Semester start date by University partner
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12 months prior to program

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What's included?

Airfare, mandatory health insurance, visa fees, some meals, and spending money aren’t typically included.