Overseas internships offer a powerful blended learning environment.

Placements integrate the knowledge and theory of the classroom with the practical application and real-time feedback of the workplace.

In a structured academic program, internships can accelerate personal growth, enhance cultural awareness and deepen appreciation of the curriculum. Students accomplish educational goals and professional achievement together – in just a few weeks. Educators see students return with new insights and deeper appreciation of their field of study.

Our cohort internship program goes a step further.

The benefits of a cohort internship program

A cohort internship is a customised can be up to 12-weeks in Ireland and up to 6 months in the United Kingdom. It offers undergrads a professional development and cultural immersion experience alongside their peers.

The program customised, so all placements, excursions and projects are designed to complement and augment academic goals. The placements are in different organisations but center around a theme or field of study. Students arrive in-country at the same time and interact throughout the program on excursions and other projects. Even while based in different places, students pursue professional goals together.

Depending on the program, they may live together, attend training sessions, go to professional talks series, do field work, or work collaboratively on a project one day a week.

The result of this interaction is that they are constantly learning from each other, sharing knowledge and skills, and enriching the educational experience of the program.

Students draw more insight, learning, and value when they experience internships as a group as opposed to on an individual basis. Together, students can reflect, interrogate and appreciate what they learned on the program long after they return home.

Potential Cohort Placements

The cohort internships program is fully customised to your student’s academic needs. We have a variety of subject areas for students to gain practical experience, all listed on our internship pages Internships in Ireland and Internships in the United Kingdom

Students may be in all different sectors within the same city or country. They can also be placed in similar profile host-companies, all learning about a similar field of study. The choice is yours.

Here are some sample placements a group of your student’s could choose from:

  • History and Heritage Management in Scotland
  • Agricultural Science in Ireland
  • International Architecture in London
  • Academic Publishing in Oxford
  • Sustainability and Environmental Science in Ireland
  • Political Science and Public Policy in London
At A Glance
Cohort Internships Ireland and United Kingdom
Start Date
Determined by Study Abroad Office and Faculty
6-12 Weeks Ireland &
Ip to 6 months in the United Kingdom
Apply By
12 months prior to program

Based on proposal

What's included?