Count your Cups

We each have a responsibility to monitor and minimise the hurtful impact we have on the planet and our communities. We believe, at Learn International, it starts with us!!

Be the change!

Count those cups! 

Keep up with your 'Keep Cup' : Be the change and count those cups.

Some of you may be curious about the ‘Keep Cup’ on our homepage. Well here is the scoop!

Did you know roughly 500 billion plastic and paper cups are thrown away worldwide each year? 6.5 million trees are cut down every year for our take away coffee consumption.  Every minute, approximately 1 million cups are disposed of in our landfills…every minute – mind-blowing isn’t it?! And some of the cups that appear to be recyclable, sometimes contain materials that are toxic or do not actually break down, sad right?! Each day we buy our coffee/teas and use a throw away a single use cup – is costing our planet dearly. So, what can we do to help?

This year, Learn International has begun an initiative to provide our internship abroad students (and our employees) a reusable and collapsable Keep Cup for their welcome pack. It’s easy to carry and easy to clean! 

Each day students can scan the QR code on their cup and log it’s usage below over the next few months.  Whether it’s one cup or 100 cups, we’re hoping that our students and employees can help make a difference.

Count your Cups


Students: Fill in your daily Keep Cup usage and we will keep score. Our most conscientious students will win big at the end of their programme!

Rules: You will receive 1 point per entry and 2 points if you upload a photo.
Upload a Selfie with your cup freshly refilled for extra points
If you added an image can we use it in a social media/blog post in relation to the competition?